Mindi O’Brien
Owner & Operator
Career Highlights 

Mindi O’Brien is a world-class athlete, fitness coach, wellness expert, and a champion of health and lifestyle improvement. With over thirty years of hands-on experience, Mindi has been shaping the lives, minds, and bodies of women across the globe through proper nutrition, strength training, cardio, and supplementation protocols. Not only does Mindi talk the talk, she has walked the walk with a professional career on the illustrious IFBB stage, spanning multiple decades. With her experience as a professional Fitness, Figure, Physique and Bikini Professional, coupled with multiple first-place and top 3 finishes, and appearances at the Arnold Classic and The Olympia, Mindi has equipped herself with the tools for success as both a coach and an athlete; mentally, physically, and spiritually. Her dedication to championing a healthy lifestyle has extended into her post-IFBB career, as she is now the promoter of two Bodybuilding Competitions in the Niagara Region.

Mindi’s ultimate goal is to help women achieve their ideal physique through her depth of knowledge, whether they want to prepare for a wedding, a photoshoot, a competition, or simply if they want to feel more beautiful and empowered. Understanding that embarking on your wellness journey may seem daunting at first, Mindi is well equipped to guide you through this as your coach and mentor.

As a mother, a professional athlete, a coach, a promoter, an entrepreneur, Mindi believes that everyone has the ability to succeed with the right guidance and motivation.

It’s never too late to begin your journey – so join Mindi O today!